Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Camera one 2


Threeli said...

I had been to “This is a Cry for Help” a few times a long while ago, and at some point decided to bookmark it. Having done so I did not visit it again till just recently, and only today did I notice the link here. While I enjoyed “This is a Cry for Help” only for the hilarious manner in which you told off people disgusted by your simple site… The work here I find intriguing enough to actually speak up about. So I prepare to write this a check out your profile only to discover that not only are you the bitch-ass from “This is a Cry for Help, a seemingly prolific artist, but also the owner of Cold Storage, a page I’ve been to many times and found many enjoyable things upon. But back to the topic on point, yeah… the art here rocks in a manner most lacks now-a-day. My purpose in speaking is only to ask that you keep it up. The universe is sorely lacking in bad-ass artwork. Thanks. If you want to shout at me, direct thoughts or screams toward Paz, 3li

Anonymous said...

Edmund, for the love of god PLEASE put back up some of the TIACFH content. It's not only a waste but an injustice for you to expose us to something so great and then take it away from us. Perhaps you've moved on but atleast let us continue to enjoy the things you've made in the past.


Anonymous said...

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